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Kayaker of the Year Award

In 2008, club member Judy Luffman, donated a beautiful award to be presented annually to the club member who best embodies the spirit of the club.

To select the recipient, a call for nominations is sent to all club members in the fall. Once the nominations have closed, club members are notified and asked to vote for the person who they believe is most deserving. The Kayaker of the Year Award is presented to the selected member at the club's annual year-end social.

The following are the criteria for nominating a member for this special award.

  • The nominee must be a current or past member of the club
  • The person will represent the spirit of the club i.e.,
    • Welcoming all new members
    • Helpful in making paddle/trips successful
    • Leading in helping others
    • Regularly participating in club events - not only paddles, but organizing and/or hosting club activities
    • Volunteering - giving freely of their time, energy and expertise (not necessarily at the forefront).
Recipients of the Kayaker of the Year Award
2008 John Wolfenberg, inaugural recipient

Kayaker of the Year Award

2009 Don Whittaker
2010 Jane Wolfenberg
2011 Bill Russell
2012 Nancy Smith
2013 Phil Henderson
2014 Garry Lumley
2015 Tammy Chambers
2016 David A. Smith
2017 Jennifer Davies
Congratulations to all the reciepients!